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School Prefects

School Prefects are chosen from our Year 6 children and are nominated by staff. Nominated children will have shown they always follow the school rules, demonstrate our values, have a good attitude towards learning and show good manners - they could be described as model pupils! Being chosen as a prefect is considered a prestigious position. Prefects are, in a sense, junior members of the staff team and are expected to take their role seriously. The position not only allows the Year Six pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables the younger children to learn from a good example, which is why prefects are carefully selected. Once chosen, prefects will be awarded a badge to keep and wear and their position will be made known to the rest of our school community. The post is held initially for one term, it may then be renewed or other children may have the opportunity to join the team.

Prefect Roles and Responsibilities

Ardleigh St. Mary's prefects must lead by example at all times, in their behaviour, their attitude and in the respect they show to others. They must demonstrate this both when working with their designated classes and when setting an example to the rest of the school community.

They take on many roles and have many responsibilities, such as:

  • Modelling to other children how to behave well

  • Organising their designated class at assembly time

  • Contributing to the school and village newsletter

  • Encouraging children to move around the school calmly and quietly

  • Working with their designated class during wet break times

  • Showing visitors around the school

  • Assisting at school events

They may also be asked to help in the school office with admin tasks such as making sure letters and registers get to and from classes safely.

Of course, none of the prefects' roles and responsibilities will negatively impact on their learning and they will not result in extended periods of time away from lessons. Nor are they intended to add an additional burden on top of the work the Year 6 children do for their Ardleigh Community Award. In fact, carrying out the role of a prefect adds to the range of tasks the children are involved in. In exchange for their valuable contribution to school life, prefects are offered privileges, such as being allowed to be indoors at break times (if they wish), working as mentors with other children, and regular meetings with Mr Kempster, Mrs Hoggarth and Mrs Poulter for tea and cake!

Spring Term 2022 Prefects

Class 1 - Harry DH and Jude M Class 2 - Harriet F and Lily A

Class 3 - Megan D and Milly E Class 4 - Maisie R and Violet C

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