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What is ADD Club?

Welcome to our latest log. We have been very busy planning and taking assemblies. As a group we have also looked at what prayer means to us and writing our own prayers to say before lunch at school. We hope to put these into practice very soon. The group will be looking at a school prayer and a prayer which can be used at the end of the week in our WOW assembly. We hope to include these prayers in our next log.

Lately we have planned, directed and performed four assemblies. We have put up a display about them on our notice board. This can be found between class 3 and the ITC suit. The assemblies were:

  • In the beginning
  • Putting on the Armour
  • The kind stranger
  • The teacher and the caretaker

This is how some members of ADD Club felt after the Kind Stranger assembly

"At first I was scared but at the end I was happy."

"I felt sorry for the person who was attacked."

"We are both proud of ourselves"

"It's a good thing to do."

"I felt a bit scared and happy at the same time."

"It's fun."

"I felt a bit scared because it was my first assembly."

"Bit afraid but good to be part of a team."


"You should help everyone."

Below is some of our work on prayer

ADD Club was very excited to be asked to attend staff meetings. Two class two pupils attended the first meeting on the 28th January. They were well prepared having thought of what to say and some questions to ask. They informed the staff about the assemblies they had taken part in and about working as a team. They showed the work done on prayer and asked the staff to look at their notice board. The staff asked if there was a way to involve the rest of the school more in assemblies. It was decided that one way was for some ADD members to go to the School Council and ask if some of the children in school would like to pick the music which is played coming in and going out of assemblies.

ADD Club hopes to attend staff meeting twice a term.

ADD Club members are busy planning their next assembly which is Noah and the Ark. They are planning to deliver the story as a rap, a rap with actions.

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