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Worship and School Assemblies

Acts of Collective Worship

As with Religious Education we at Ardleigh St. Mary's regard Collective Worship as an important part of each child's experience in school. As a Christian School we seek to provide a spiritual experience with the atmosphere of collective worship providing an opportunity for pupils to worship God. In keeping with statutory requirements, we provide a broadly based Christian collective worship opportunity for pupils everyday. The children are taught Christian values and become familiar with the teachings of the Bible. Assembly programmes are planned termly around set themes and will relate as closely as possible to seasons in the Church Year. The pupils will take an active part in many assemblies through drama, music, their own prayers and other ways which are unique to individual children.

Our Worship is led by a wide group of people including staff members and visiting Clergy. Each week we have a Pray and Praise Assembly when children are encouraged to enjoy learning new songs which we use in our daily worship. We celebrate achievement each week at our WOW Assembly. Many of the main Christian festivals are celebrated and we visit our local Church, St Mary's during the year.

As a Church of England School we have close links with St. Mary's Church:

  • School services are held at the Church at Harvest time, Christmas and Easter.

  • Amanda Watts, a member of the Church Community, leads worship in our Assemblies, online and in the School Hall.

Parents who wish their children to be withdrawn from Religious Education and Collective Worship should consult with the Headteacher.

Please follow the links for Assembly prayers

The Lord's Prayer                           Thank You God                              Grace

Weekly Worship Information    Weekly Themes Information - Autumn '21

                                                                  Weekly Themes Information - Autumn '20

                                                             Weekly Themes Information - Spring '20             

                                                             Weekly Themes Information - Autumn '19

                                                             Weekly Themes Information - Summer '19

                                                             Weekly Themes Information - Spring '19

                                                             Weekly Themes Information - Autumn '18



Termly Worship Themes: Sep - Oct 2021

                                                  Apr - Jul 2021

                                                        Jan - Feb 2021

                                                  Nov - Dec 2020

                                          Sep - Oct 2020

                                                  Jan - Feb 2020                                                  

                                                  Sep - Dec 2019

                                                  Apr - May 2019

                                                  Jan - Mar 2019



Christian Value Newsletter:  Autumn Term 2021 - Friendship

                                                        Summer Term 1 2021 - Responsibility

                                                        Spring Term 2021 - Hope

Autumn Term 2020 - Courage

                                                        Summer Term 2020 - Hope

                                                        Spring Term 2020 - Trust

                                                        Autumn Term 2019 - Truthfulness 

                                                        Summer Term 2019 - Courage

                                                        Spring Term 2019 - Forgiveness

                                                        Autumn Term 2018 - Perseverance

                                                             Summer Term 2018 - Respect


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