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Learning Power

Learning power (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory) information for parents

The Story of the Bear and the Elephant

A Learning Journey

One day Bear decided to find a new cave. He had heard that there were some in the mountains but they were very far away. His friend Elli, an elephant, offered to come with him, so they packed their bags and set off.  Soon after they left Bear began to worry about the dangers they might face on the way.  Elli smiled when Bear told her.  "I'd like to introduce you to one of my friends, Owl," she said.  Just then a big owl swooped down from the sky and landed next to them. Elli told her about the problem and Owl smiled.  "There are a lot of dangers on the way, and my gift of looking ahead will help you conquer them," she said.  Bear and Elli thanked her and she flew off into the distance.

They carried on with their journey and soon they came to a vast river.  They didn't know what to do; Owl's gift didn't help them much here.  They were about to jump in and swim across, when suddenly; they heard a rustling behind them. They couldn't see anything, but as he changed colour, they spotted Chameleon sitting on a branch. He had heard them discussing their problem and gave them his gift of changing and learning to help figure it out.  "My gift will help you to change the way you think and solve the problems you come across," he said.  He then disappeared into the leaves, invisible to Elli and Bear.  "Good luck! " He shouted.

Bear and Elli thought about their problem again.  Both of them thought about how they could cross the river safely and carefully.  They realised they couldn't swim across the river;  it was too strong and might get them into danger. "We will have to find something to help us, but what?" Bear wondered.  Elli grinned and called out a name.  A few seconds later a figure could be seen in the sky.  A Unicorn! It landed next to them and neighed.  She asked them how she could help, and Elli told her about their new problem.  Unicorn nodded and said that she had the perfect gift. "I give you the gift of creativity, which will help you think of an imaginative and safe way to cross the river," she said.  After Bear and Elli had thanked her, she flew off into the horizon.  Bear and Elli thought of their problem once more. Then, Bear had an idea.  "We can make as raft!" He exclaimed.

So Bear and Elli started to make a raft. When it was finished, they slipped it into the water and clambered on. The raft bobbed about dangerously, but, a few minutes later, they were standing proudly on the other side of the river.  They shook the water from their bodies and carried on with their journey.  It wasn't long before there tummies were rumbling and their throats were as dry as the dusty floor.  Bear and Elli felt like giving up, but then Elli had an idea.  She called for her friend Tortoise and a while later he could be seen plodded over to them.  Elli told him their problem and he smiled.  "I give you my gift of Resilience. It will help you to stick at the thing you are trying to achieve, and it won't let you give up," he said.  Bear and Elli said thank you, then carried on walking.

Soon, they came to another problem.  A huge canyon was stopping them from going any further forward.  Now they had a serious problem, but Elli suggested she called another two of her friends. She called a cat and a spider to help them.  When they appeared, both gave a gift.  "I give you my gift of critical curiosity," the cat said.  "I give you my gift of making links," the spider said.  Bear and Elli were very grateful and thanked the spider and the cat as they walked off. They now had to think of their problem again, and using the animal's gifts, it wasn't as hard as they thought it would be. First, they used the cat's gift of curiosity to ask questions about the canyon.  Then they used the spider's gift to make links to what they know already.  Then, Bear had an idea.  "Let's make a catapult!" He said.

They made a good, strong catapult, but afterwards they started to argue.  They both wanted to go first and were fighting angrily.  Just then, they heard a faint buzzing.  A swarm of bees! They had an important gift to give to Bear and Elli. "We give you the gift of learning relationships, it will help you to work together!" They buzzed.  Suddenly, Bear and Elli stopped arguing.  The gift had worked! They climbed into the catapult while the hundreds of bees pushed down on the other side.  The bees let go and Bear and Elli sailed through the air and landed on the other side.  "THANK YOU!" They called to the bees. 

They carried on traveling and soon reached the mountains. They chose a nice, warm cave and settled down. Their journey had taught them a lot of things and they were very grateful for it.  They lived peacefully in that cave together and never forgot the kind gifts the animals gave them.

The End

By Emily Lane (Year 6 2008)

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