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Nurturing the Seeds of Success

Our Vision

At Ardleigh St. Mary's, we believe all children should flourish in every area of their lives. 

Our children will aspire to be inquisitive and creative learners who fulfil their potential, equipped with a knowledge and understanding of God's love and God's work.

Together, we guide each individual towards achieving their full potential, through a mixture of active and creative learning, instilling in them the skills and qualities needed to become active and responsible future citizens.

Just as the success of a tree is recognised by the quality of its fruit, so our children will be recognised by the good they do in our world as they grow together in wisdom, perseverance and love.

"Make a tree good and its fruit will be good… for a tree is recognised by its fruit."

Matthew 12:33

Our vision reflects the biblical text of Matthew 12:33, which beautifully illustrates our belief that each member of our school community is like a seed which, when nurtured, will grow into the best version of themselves. 

Our intention is that our school is the good ground for nurturing our seeds, and the roots that allow all who come into contact with it to grow well; seeds - our pupils, our staff and our wider school community -  which are given a rich diet to thrive into the best 'plant' possible.

We achieve this through our broad and balanced curriculum and well-being programme, which includes learning both in and outside of the classroom and which nurtures and inspires the unique talents of each of our children. This encourages them to develop self-respect, resilience and high aspirations, growing their knowledge, skills and understanding, within our supportive school community. 

Our seeds are cared for during all 'seasons', given support and protection when needed, and the right level of challenge and encouragement to flourish and succeed. 

Our 'plants' are strong and resilient, able to live peacefully and joyfully with those around them. The rich harvest is the end result of this labour for our pupils, staff and our wider community - offering them the brightest of futures. 

Our vision is underpinned by our core Christian values of Wisdom, Perseverance and Community.

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